Moto-House "AltaiMOTO"

Moto-House "AltaiMOTO" is located in the centre of the village Manzherok. Mostly important it's only at a 5 minute distance from the most beautiful natural trails and tracks ideal for Enduro rides.

Only motocyclists can stay and work at this accommodation with a relaxed and friendly environment. It helps us to keep the atmosphere of comfort and common interests.

On the first floor there is a cosy living room, kitchen and a bathroom. On the second floor there are 4 rooms (three double rooms and a room for 4 people).There are permanent showers, swimming pool, gym and a garage all on site.

★ Price per a day 15 eurous accommodation

★ Food 1000 rubles per a day (optional)

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Our address

Altai Republic, Manzherok, Leninskaya St. 37

Coordinates 51.8279774,85.7801107,15

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